How to judge the quality of a pressure gauge

Update:11 Jun 2020

The pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressu […]

The pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the pressure of liquid, steam, gas and other media without explosion danger, crystallization, solidification and corrosion resistance to steel alloys. The equipment used to measure the pressure of the medium, the pressure gauges measure the pressure through the elastic sensitive elements such as spring tubes. With the popularity of industrial automation and the need for process control processes, pressure gauges are increasingly used in industrial production.


The quality of the pressure gauge determines its performance and use results, so how to judge the quality of a pressure gauge?


1. Dial The dial of the pressure gauge is the part to be observed when judging the quality. The numbers on the dial of the pressure gauge should be clear, complete and easy to recognize. The scales should be evenly distributed with a central angle of 270°. A reasonable distance should be maintained between the pressure gauge pointer and the plane of the dial, generally about 1-3mm.


2. Elastic Sensitive Element The elastic sensitive element of the pressure gauge, such as a spring tube, is the most important part of the pressure gauge. It determines whether the measurement performance of the pressure gauge can meet the needs of use. The spring tube of the pressure gauge must have sufficient elasticity to meet the measurement requirements. If the elastic sensing element is too small, it will affect the accuracy level of the pressure gauge.


3. The measured value of the pressure gauge measurement results will generally have a certain error, this is the situation that each pressure gauge will exist, but the displayed value of the pressure gauge cannot exceed the allowable error. If the indication of the pressure gauge exceeds the allowable range, the adjustment screw should be adjusted. If the pressure gauge cannot be adjusted, it can only be judged as unqualified.


4. The shell of the shell pressure gauge is solid and reliable, and the sealed pressure gauge shell should be leak-free. The shell of the pressure gauge should be designed with safety holes, and the safety control should be provided with dustproof settings to protect the internal components from corrosion. Or pollution, especially pressure gauges such as diaphragm pressure gauges used for corrosion or other complex environments, more attention should be paid to the quality of the housing.

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