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Update:26 Oct 2018

Measurement of different media and the use of different […]

Measurement of different media and the use of different types of pressure gauges to use
   1. General media, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., can be used ordinary pressure gauge.
   2. For special media need to use special pressure gauge, such as ammonia with ammonia pressure gauge; oxygen with oxygen pressure gauge; hydrogen pressure gauge; acetylene with acetylene pressure gauge and so on.
   3. For the general corrosive media, and corrosive gas environment, the choice of stainless steel pressure gauge.
   4. For the measurement of viscosity, easy to crystallize, corrosive, high temperature liquid, gas or solid floats medium pressure measurement, the selection of diaphragm pressure gauge.
   5. For pulsed media and mechanical vibration occasions pressure measurement. Selection of shock-type pressure gauge.
   6. There are remote requirements can be used when the remote type pressure gauge, remote signal current type and resistance type and voltage type.
   7. Control protection requirements can be used when the electrical contact pressure gauge.
   8. Explosion-proof requirements must be used when explosion-proof type, such as explosion-proof electrical contact pressure gauge.

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