What Need To Consider For Pressure Gauge

Update:12 May 2020

When designing a custom pressure gauge for a customer a […]

When designing a custom pressure gauge for a customer application, pressure gauge manufacturers consider things like: the environment in which the gauge will be used, the substance the gauge will monitor, how often the gauge will run, how much space the customer has available, etc.

To improve the gauge for customer applications, manufacturers may combine a pressure gauge with other similar instruments, such as: pressure transducers, strain gauges, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and switches. They may install them in in the same location or contain them in the same enclosure. Also, they can manufacture them in any size you need, whether they need to fit in tight spaces or work on very large tanks.

To make sure your pressure gauges are working safely and accurately, you need to occasionally inspect them. Checking your gauges will ensure that you stay on top of any potential problems and take care of them before they snowball.

The frequency with which you need to do this depends on your application. You should decide on your maintenance schedule with the help of your manufacturer. Always watch out for problems like excessive wear, damage sockets and damaged threads. If you notice these, you’ll have to replace those parts.

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